Carpentry – Welding

For all kinds of welding Laserweld uses the best technologies, in order to obtain optimal results.


Our welders use mainly TIG technology for all kind of works that require a particular care to details; it’s applied to stainless steel and other kind of metals, mainly for finest finishing or to work on thinner sheets. TIG welding requires a long experience and specific abilities; that’s why we have specific quality certification to grant product perfection.

TIG welding advantages:

  • Possibility to weld any kind of metal
  • Finest welding quality
  • No slags production


For MIG-MAG welding, also called “continuous wire”, we count on specialized technicians, which take advantage of the great potential of this technique, for an accurate and precise welding. It’s possible to apply this type of welding to all metal materials, and it’s a very productive technique.

On demand, we can perform also the Electrode Welding, for all kind of iron materials apart from aluminum.