Carpentry – Tube Laser Cutting

tabella laser tubo


We necessarily use top quality laser cutting machines, since laser cutting is already become essential for any carpentry work.

The product derived from laser cutting is perfect, without defects and burrs, and laser cutting itself lessen production costs, wastes and sheet dust.

Laser cutting application in any kind of metal work is unlimited, for components, extrusions and section bars.

We work all kind of metal, for all types of cutting: neat cut, shaping, drilling, and trimming.

We follow our client indications and requests to draw with software CAD and then we translate the design trough the machine that works out the material. We can produce an unlimited range of shapes and frames, and complete the cutting with bending and welding.

Trough CAM we can also provide a type of cutting called “bending-cut”, which are angular tubes bended manually, avoiding the welding of different portions of tubes. Nesting programs, as for sheets, facilitate the production, lessening the waste.

We work U profiles, plates and angular parts, on round tubes of 225mm diameter, square tubes of 160mm diameter, rectangular tubes of 200x100mm diameter, the maximum thickness for stainless steel, aluminum and other metal is 10mm.

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