Carpentry – Metal Sheets Laser Cutting

LASERWELD INDUSTRY GROUP SRL works in carpentry sector since 1980, focusing on advancing and adapting in this field through new technologies. Our purpose is to give our clients a top quality fulfilling service, concentrating on meeting all the needs and requests, but always granting a fair price.

Working in small-medium carpentry requires quick answers to every request, that’s why we chose to invest into our coworker’s technical and professional preparation, and in efficient production resources.

We’re specialized into sheet laser cut, thanks to our technician’s expertise and our top quality machinery, with our loading-unloading system and great dimensional range for sheets up to 6000mm length.

Our Nesting software permits us to avoid wasting metal, limiting the production of scrap metal, enhancing our production.

Our technical office and our management system coordinate all production phases, from design to finishing.

The main TECHNICAL QUALITIES of our laser cutting machinery are:

  • Compact laser with constant length of the ray
  • Working area of 3000x6000mm
  • Laser source of 4000 W and 40m/min speed.
  • Programming software
  • Security certification according to current standards
  • Collision protection for the cutting head and material (constant distance between parts, adapt for working irregular parts)
  • Optimized CNC for maximum productivity
Material Thickness max
Stainless steel sheets 12 mm
Carbon steel sheets 20 mm
Aluminium sheets 10 mm


  • Cutting speed allowing an higher productivity
  • Increment of flexibility, adaptation to any kind of works
  • Improved cutting precision
  • Improved reliability
  • Less costs for maintenance and simplified workability permitting production cost-containment

Our works can be applied into various sectors, such as metallurgy, metal-mechanic, naval, industrial, automotive, industrial plant building, construction, hospital sector, furniture and decor.