Precision Works

It is necessary to be very careful about precision works, that’s why we use all our experience and we employ adequate means with all our technicians’ competence to obtain perfect works in less time and with maximum result.


Turning defines a type of mechanical work that removes shavings by a tool, composed of base, which fix the material, and a cutting element. It’s the most ancient instrument, characterized by a rotating movement given to the object you intend to work, and to a series of blades that penetrates the material. You can choose the type of blade according to the form you desire and the type of work you need to do. You can obtain a cylindrical, conical, spherical, helical or even surface, according to the needs.

Modern turning is based on automatic lathe or CNC, for a more precise, programmed and controlled work.

Combined with lathe there’s the Knurling, a finishing process made through interchangeable knurls which impress the surface with various motifs. It’s used mainly for instruments that needs to be held firmly, or for small parts that needs to do friction or grip to other parts. It can be also used for aesthetic reasons.

With lathe, it’s also possible to do finishing like Reaming or Spot-facing. Reaming is an operation that permits to modify diameter, length or alignment of a pre-existent cylindrical hole. Spot-facing consist into a hole with two different diameters, and it’s used when the head of a screw or a fastening element must not stick out from the surface. It consist into a cavity with a flat base converging into another coaxial hole and it’s made by particular piercing instruments applied to lathe.


Carpentry mill is an instrument provided with rotatory movement and multiple shaped cutting elements according to the type of work, or type of surface you intend to treat. The working movement is always a rotation around its axe, while the worked material has a combined translation-rotation movement. There are different types of mills with different shapes and cutting elements applied to it.

 We use automatic mills, or CNC mills, for carpentry works, to realize metal section or complex surfaces.