Metal Bending and Calendering

Metal bending is an essential moment of the carpentry working process, that is why we employ only top quality machinery, incomparable in terms of reliability, productivity and safety.

We have been press-benders for more than twenty years and our efficiency and competence grants a first-quality, quick and carefully realized product.

Our presses are equipped with an integrated hydraulic system, automatic numerical control unit, Laser Beam safety device and control software for a quick and precise bending and total safety. The high flexibility and versatility of our bending machines allows us to work on many thicknesses, for all possible applications. Our technical department coordinates the complete process, from design to finishing, and we can realized finished product perfect in any detail according to customer’s requests and needs.

Our CNC hydraulic press can reach a maximum power of 125 ton, and work metal sheets up to 4m wide and 15mm thick, for stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals. We have a full range of specific tools for particular bending.

We have also a three-roller calender to complete the bending process.